Looking to move or grow your business? In Northern California, there are many types of small business owners that could benefit from a commercial loan. From start-ups to wineries, farmers to coffee shop owners, graphic design agency offices to yoga studios, we can help your dreams become a physical reality!


Maybe you have been a one man or woman operation and now your dream business is taking off. You might be a medium sized business that is bringing in a whole new team or department. There are many reasons why one may be applying for a commercial mortgage. In any case, you can feel secure in knowing that American Mortgage Management will bring you down the right path to success.


Commercial lending can be divided in two ways:


1) The type of property (Fun fact: The types these are often referred to as “food groups”!)

2) The funding source of the loan.


These “food groups”, or core property types, came from the idea of breaking the categories up into 4 groups: multi-family, office, retail, and industrial… but there are other smaller segments such as hospitality, heavy industrial, recreational, sporting venues, and land.


Know Your ROI


When you apply for a commercial loan, make sure you know exactly how you’ll be using the property and the purpose behind your business. The momentum of any business is crucial and history of growth and return on investment are key when it comes to being approved. Having a specific use and strategy built in to your business plan help when it comes to breaking down your financial goals and projections.


You don’t necessarily have to be an owner to apply. You can always be a renter or an investor in the property as well.


Small Business Helping Small Business


We need to be here for each other. Sometimes, the best advice isn’t from someone who isn’t in the same boat as you. At American Mortgage Management, we value the small business owner because we are small business owners ourselves!


We will work side by side with you as a loan originator in order to help you through the process. You won’t be waiting in line at a large company for responses and approvals. American Mortgage Management will be there every step of the way to make sure each step is covered. We want your business to succeed!


To start or advance your business is the American dream! To get started on an application, contact us today at 510-999-0539